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Tina doing Sarah

Tina Fey revived her Sarah Palin impression during her Inside the Actor’s Studio interview last night, proving once again that Palin is a perpetual motion machine as far as parody goes. There will never be a time when this is … Continue reading

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The Voodoo Economics That You Do So Well

Charles Pierce gets it exactly right on supply side economics: The ur-lunacy of the modern Republican party is represented by the crazy bass-ackwards theories of economics which they have come to adopt as an unshakable faith. Bear in mind — … Continue reading

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The Joy Formidable is on tour

I dig what these kids are up to. They’ve got like a lilty 4AD slash Cocteau Twins thing going on but with just enough underlying chaos and bombast to keep me glued to my radio. Love the way Whirring just … Continue reading

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