Q: Who’s an asshole? A: Everyone

I’ve had fun wading through the 20K+ comments this reddit post has now generated: “Whose (sic) the biggest assshole famous person you’ve ever met?

Turns out that every famous person in the world has been an asshole to someone somewhere at some time. Some of these are not surprising — Mel Gibson, anyone from Jackass, professional athletes in all sports — but it’s kind of funny when the person has a “nice” public persona, such as the host of a particular cooking show. I don’t know, it must be tough being a celebrity — you’ve got to be unfailingly sweet to every jerk who comes up to you to demand your attention and if you’re the slightest bit stand-offish you can rest assured they’ll be on the Internet in minutes registering their disgust.

Also, this made me laugh.

Not my story, but Bob Vila was supposedly a huge asshole back when he was on This Old House around Boston. A guy saw him in town and called out “Hey Bob, build anything lately?” and he replied “Yeah, I built a dog house and fucked your mother in it.”

Perhaps it’s true.

I must be lucky, because the few famous people I’ve met in my life have all been nice: Gary Numan, William Gibson, Lynda Barry (a total sweetie), David Sedaris. The most recent was William Sanderson from Blade Runner and Deadwood, who was a genuinely nice guy (an incident ably documented by Twinkly).

Update: Zach Braff (from Scrubs) = not an asshole. Mr. Braff showed up in the “Who is an Asshole” thread to refute the claim that he stiffed a waitress.

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5 Responses to Q: Who’s an asshole? A: Everyone

  1. I have been thoroughly absorbed in this thread since you posted this. Damn you.

  2. Well, I’d say that makes Bob Vila pretty damned funny, not an asshole.

  3. Tim O’Brien. What did you think of him?

  4. pt dismal says:

    shouldn’t there a formula for ranking a, b, c, d-listers? the lower a celebrity is on the scale, the higher their asshole rating if they are indeed an asshole. . . . if you are an a-lister, you probably get pushed into asshole reponse mode more often, right?

    on the other hand, all celebrities should be eternally grateful for the stupid culture that we have that makes most of them famous for the stupid shit that they do.


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