Donkamole & Other Delights

The funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Someone bought the domain name for Guy Fieri’s New York restaurant and put up a fake menu. This is the place that was famously trashed by those food snobs at the New York Times and defended with faint praise by Business Insider (“His restaurant isn’t terrible — it’s decent. It’s, at the very least, on-par with big chain restaurants like T.G.I. Friday’s, Applebee’s, or Chili’s . . .” Geez, on par with Applebee’s?! YUM!). I would like to try the Superbowl Bash Bro’det.


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3 Responses to Donkamole & Other Delights

  1. pt dismal says:

    must have the prufrocktoberfest. now.


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