My European Brekkie

I’m in Germany for work, at a small hotel in Cologne. Anyone who has traveled in Europe knows that the best thing about this place is the breakfast. I mean, when a hotel in America says it has a hot breakfast, it’s make-your-own waffles served on styrofoam plates, but in this place when they say breakfast they mean breakfast.

First things first. When you ask for coffee they bring you an entire pot of the best damn coffee you’ve ever had, along with real cream in a ceramic caraffe and a proper cup to drink it in.


Next come the carbs. Oh yes, the carbs because you’re not gonna pull any of that paleo diet shit on the Continent. The heart of the German brekkie is the brötchen, a crusty roll that can be plain or covered with poppy seeds or sesame seeds. For toppings you can go the butter and jam route or you can the cheese and meat route or you can just stuff that thing right in your face while all the damen und herren look on aghast.


And don’t forget to stop at the jelly bar.


Fresh juice? Got it.


Now for entree. You want pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon? Cool.




All that not enough? Still hungry, are we? Well, then mosey on over the granola bar.


Or the lunchmeat bar (not pictured: the cheese bar and the other lunchmeat bar and the yogurt bar).


When you’ve visited them all, your plate might look something like this:


And a few minutes later it might look like this:


And thus fortified, anyone can face seven hours in coach.

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2 Responses to My European Brekkie

  1. I miss brotchen. Und kase brot. The butter, too. The butter tastes so good over there. And I miss you.

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