Top Names for Scalia’s Hat

Tongues are wagging about the weird hat that Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia wore to the inauguration. What would be an appropriate name for this rather unique headgear?

The Tam-O-Fascist
The Nostradominator
Geppetto’s Bitch
The Inquisitor
Monsignor X
Un Chapeau Étrange
The Witch Burner
The Bonnet of Strict Constructionism


Update: For the curious, here’s the real story.

The hat is a custom-made replica of the hat depicted in Holbein’s famous portrait of St. Thomas More. It was a gift from the St. Thomas More Society of Richmond, Virginia. We presented it to him in November 2010 as a memento of his participation in our 27th annual Red Mass and dinner.

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