The Rich are Different (and Delicious)

The infographic below was published in the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago to highlight the terrible toll to be exacted by President Obama’s onerous tax increases.


Here’s David Atkins at Hulaballoo on the bizarro world these people call home:

Beyond mockery, though, that the Wall Street Journal would even dare publish such a thing without irony is indicative of the reality that the wealthy don’t live in the same country as the rest of us. Their experience of life, and therefore of public policy, is on an entirely different plane. These are people who take tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of yearly passive investment income for granted and think they earned that money, deserving to pay very low taxes on it. They’re people who see a single individual making $230,000 as struggling to get by, and severely put upon by the loss of a couple thousand dollars to help pay for decrepit infrastructure and basic healthcare for the indigent.

Go read the whole thing, because he nails it.

Update: And because I don’t see race, this head-on-desk detail — which was pointed out by Charles Pierce — went completely past me:

You will notice that the black couple are the ones that are “retired” and the only ones whose taxes will not increase. Moochers! Looters! One does not need the Enigma Machine to decode what the WSJ is about here.

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2 Responses to The Rich are Different (and Delicious)

  1. pt dismal says:

    oh, yeah, the racial insidiousness of this graphic is f-ed up. not just the black retired couple. i’d like to know how many white people who make 650K have four kids.


  2. Everyone is sad, but the single Asian woman looks pissed off.
    Don’t you feel sorry for these sad and angry folks? How will they get by?
    The people with kids (single mom included) have nannies, so I know they aren’t as worn out as they seem to be in this portrait.

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