Unlikely Pairings

My friend Doug Gillard (guitarist extraordinaire for Death of Samantha, Guided By Voices, Nada Surf, et. al.) started a Facebook thread called Wrong Pairings, giving the examples of Courtney Joe & the Fish and Fugazi Osbourne. I am a bit shame-faced to admit how much of my morning this consumed, but my monthly productivity log will have a downward spike on the 10th that looks like the Marianas Trench.

Here are some I came up with:
New Order on the Block
Too Much Joy Division
Hüsker Dewis & the News
Deep Purple Tool
Sugar Rós
Prince Crimson
The Tom Waitresses
Lynyrd Cohen
The Gram Parsons Project
The White Strypers
2Live Crüe
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Yoko
The Damned Yankees
Arctic Gorillaz
Insane Clown Posies
Uncle Tupacalo
Liz Phairport Convention
Dead Kennedys Can Dance
Nickelbackstreet Boys
Steely Dan Fogelberg
The Velvet Underwood
Depeche Menudo
Mission of Bieber
Buddy Guy by Voices
My Dad is Live
Psychic Television
Gary Numanheim Steamroller
Matchbox 2112
Throbbing Bizkit
They Might Be Little Feat
Pere Uhuru

And here are some of the best that others came up with (full cred to original posters):
The Aerosmiths
Celine Dio
Jefferson Air Supply
George W. Bush Tetras
Huey Lewis & the Muse
Martha Reeves & the Vangelis
Creed Clearwater Revival
Grateful Dead Can Dance
Big Motörhead Todd
Caja Googoo Dolls
Van Morrisey
Cat Stevens Power
Joan Baez and the Blackhearts
Soft Shop Boys
England Dan and John Ford Coldplay
Fun Boy Three Dog Night
Sonny Rollins Band
The Boomtown Ratt
Pete Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band
Yeah, Yeah, Yes (winner of thread, IMHO)
Casey Anderson & the Sunshine Band
LTD Soundsystem
Gang of Foreigner
Earth, Wind, and Fred Schneider
King Sunny Sade
Phranc Goes to Hollywood
Ok Go-Go’s
Dropkick Peter Murphy
Flogging Molly Hatchet
Ian Dury and the Talking Heads
Darby Crash and the Tijuana Brass
Doris Day and the Knights
Love and Rocket from the Tomb
Captain Sensible and Tennille
Peter, RuPaul, and Mary

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5 Responses to Unlikely Pairings

  1. That list goes on and on. I like C,S,N, and Yoko and Mission of Bieber best. I have to admit that I grew up thinking Gram Parsons was one and the same as Graham Parker and the Rumour. I couldn’t even name a song of the later, but they were entwined names until about 20 years ago when I got my own sort of alt country cred on.

    I don’t like this sort of thing anyway but I’m glad it makes so many people happy.

  2. pt dismal says:

    ha ha ha. that is funny–time well spent, kamper.

    no rolling stone roses? pretty lame, but that’s all i got right now.


    • kamper says:

      There were more than 200 comments and I think someone did say Rolling Stone Roses. I have to admit that C, S, N & Yoko made me laugh for a solid five minutes, just the mental image of the three of them harmonizing on ‘Teach Your Children’ with Yoko caterwauling on the side of the stage.

  3. pt dismal says:

    sweet jesus, what the hell is that?

    yeah, the csn&yoko was a funny one. and it would be exactly like this.


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