Honest Titles for 2013 Oscar-Nominated Movies

College Humor has the goods. I’ll probably sound like an East Coast elite if I point out that Michael Haneke, writer and director of Amour, is Austrian, not French. And a more correct title for Lincoln is Daniel Day Lewis deserves an Oscar. Dude was phenomenal.




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5 Responses to Honest Titles for 2013 Oscar-Nominated Movies

  1. I suspect Daniel Day-Lewis couldn’t care less about Oscars, so yeah, “deserves” would be better.

    In my family, I read Life of Pi, not my mom. Which is why I had no interest in the movie.

    • kamper says:

      Wait, because the book sucked or because the book was great but couldn’t be made into a movie? I have to admit, when I saw the trailer I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever seen so am surprised by the positive response.

      • Because I didn’t like the book, and because the idea of it being a movie seemed absurd. I trust Ang Lee greatly, so the latter reason might have been overpowered, but then I’m back at because I didn’t like the book.

        I too was surprised by the positive response, but after I was finished with the book I felt the same way: “Did you people read a different book? Because I thought that was boring and precious.”

  2. kamper says:

    Saw it last weekend and the short review is that I didn’t believe single frame of that pretentious, hollow piece of crap. But twinkly and our daughter both liked it, and ts is a lot harder on movies than I am. Go figure.

    Also, you trust Ang Lee?? Obviously, you’ve never seen The Hulk.

    • I think that story (Pi) tends to either grab people or not, which is why I thought the book was a waste of space and the Booker committee thought otherwise.

      I’ve seen 7 of Lee’s 13, including Hulk. I tend to give more of a pass to interesting failures than successful blandness. Plus, the Hulk is more of a challenge than he seems to be when not part of an ensemble.

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