Tipping: Another Casualty of the Obama Presidency

Michael Kindt over at Early Onset of Night shares the following note left in lieu of a tip, presumably in California (based on the Prop 30 reference). We should note that Prop 30 is a state tax and not a federal tax so had nothing to do with President Obama, but then douchebag Republicans are always gonna find a way to share the love.

And a quick note on craft for all the writers out there: if there is a phrase in your note that you really really really really want to emphasize — for instance, “my fair share in taxes” — then be sure to use bold font, quotation marks, all caps, AND italics to get your point across. (Though I’m a bit disappointed that he didn’t go the distance and add underlining as well.) Then indent your paragraphs and fully justify both margins. I’d like to see some stupid tax-and-spend liberal argue with THAT formatting.


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4 Responses to Tipping: Another Casualty of the Obama Presidency

  1. That’s awesome. Someone should have pointed out that he can always borrow pen and paper at any location, instead of spending precious money on his own ink and paper.

  2. pt dismal says:

    as someone who spent a saturday morning canvassing in support of prop 30, all i can say is: ha ha! go governor moonbeam!


  3. Lurker111 says:

    If you can’t tip, don’t go eat in a restaurant that supports its staff on tips. Simple solution.

    (Don’t get me started on the idea of wait-staff being supported on tips in the first place.)

  4. I did see this on FB this week and wondered if it was real. You know what the good Christian people of Ohio used to leave sometimes? Those “A Tip For You” pamphlets. Though stemming, supposedly, from a different place, equally misguided and horrifically lacking in understanding of what it is to work for tips on top of a $2.10 an hour wage (I know I’m dating myself and Ohio wages were far less than they are in New England for sure).
    What an entitled bastard. Typical of Obama-hating TEA/GOPs. I love that he’s prepared himself with multiple copies (obviously). I hate this so much–income disparity being completely, willfully, ignorantly misunderstood. Am I supposed to pray for him to see the light?
    I hope he is shamed out by all of the passing around of this….who knows though. What we need is his photo alongside his fucked up entitlement card.

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