10 Most Pretentious Moments in History

Matt Taibbi collects the ten most pretentious moments in history, though it should really be called 10 Pretentious Moments in the American Media in the Last 10 Years. And I would argue that most of these are not examples of pretension exactly, but more chutzpah. I mean, when Bill Bennet can publish something called the Book of Virtues or when Newt Gingrich can pontificate about the sins of Bill Clinton, that’s not pretension; it’s craven shamelessness. And for me at least, Sting has earned his pretentiousness many times over. When you’ve got the Police catalogue to back you up, you can be as pretentious as you damn well please. To me, true pretension in rock and roll comes from mid-listers who think they’re in the pantheon. Think Kiss or Billy Corgan or that godawful Lou Reed/Metallica album.

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2 Responses to 10 Most Pretentious Moments in History

  1. Indeed, Billy Corgan is one of the most pretentious people in the world. The thought of Jack White must torment his every waking moment.

  2. pt dismal says:

    uh, history? evidently history extends as far back as a 1979 ayn rand interview. the pretentiousness of assembling this list is #11.


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