A Very Geeky Christmas

The geekitude flowed freely in the kamper/sparkly household this Yuletide season.

On Christmas Eve, we sat down to placecards written in Elvish courtesy of our 16-year-old daughter (high Elvish? Old Elvish? Modern Elvish? I know not.)

Elvish 1

On Christmas morning, this was my present from our 16-year-old daughter (done in free-hand with bleach using a home-made pen):

Elvish 2

Our 14-year-old daughter made four cross-stitches for her sister: Dr. Who, Battlestar Gallactica, a line of dialogue from Buffy, and the cast of Firefly.





And, finally, this awesome quilled dragon was my gift from our 14-year-old daughter:


Homemade gifts are best! Hope that you all had/are having a great holiday!

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1 Response to A Very Geeky Christmas

  1. pt dismal says:

    i’ll give her 20 bucks for the monkeypants cross-stitch.


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