Another Responsible Gun Owner

Dan Savage printed this letter from an outraged reader:

My name is Morgan. As a responsible gun owner I find your coverage of the recent elementary school shooting lacking. The bigger picture is this; 26 tragic deaths is one particularly salty drop in an ocean, with regards to untimely deaths in this country. How many people are dying each year because of poor diets, cancer, car wrecks, prescription drugs, choking, bicycle-ground/bus/car accidents? You get the idea. Print that and nobody will ever bring up guns again. So lets call it what it is: a distraction. Gun violence in the media is a distraction. What from? Everything else that is going on, bad roads, poor health care, drones spying on U.S. citizens, corporate greed, or maybe even child trafficking. Just like professional sports are the opiate of the masses, so too are these “little” sensationalized stories.

Troll? Or do people really think this way? By the way, it just occurred to me that the phrase “responsible gun owner” has several meanings.

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