Write Like You’re Dancing Like No One is Watching

L.E. Henderson over at Passionate Reason has some insightful comments on writers and writing and the messed up messages that those demons in our heads hurl about like monkey feces.

On a particularly painful writing day, on the verge of giving up forever, I made a decision: I would let go of the idea of pleasing anyone; I would write whatever I wanted, however I wanted to write it; I would write cliches with reckless abandon if the mood struck; I would write absurd things if I wanted; I would write for myself.

After this, my writing mood crashes stopped. I no longer had to convince myself to write. Because I was fully engaged in what I was doing – and doing it a lot – my writing was better.

As a balm for writer’s block (which for me is closely tied to reader expectation), my counselor recently suggested that I write something exclusively for myself. Though I keep a sporadic journal, I found this assignment absurdly difficult; without the possibility of a reader, whom I both love and hate in equal measure, I lost my mojo to continue. Damn you, imaginary reader, why can’t you be more reasonable?

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5 Responses to Write Like You’re Dancing Like No One is Watching

  1. pt dismal says:

    hello, kamper, your imaginary reader here. i love you, too.

    one of jack kerouac’s “essentials” for modern prose:

    “you’re a genius all the time.”

    put it on a sticky note over your computer screen.


  2. pt dismal says:

    yeah, it’s tricky being a genius all the time. i was thinking it would be “over” it like on the wall behind your desk or some such. i was gonna say “on” but that would be in the way, too. dag! prepositions! what about those, jack kerouac!


  3. pt dismal says:

    i know–it was supposed to be doctor sex but that sticky note was in the way!


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