Taibbi’s ‘Write Like Friedman’ Contest

Veteran Friedman-hater Matt Taibbi challenged his readers to rewrite Thomas Friedman’s latest column on Syria. His readers did not disappoint.

In order to salvage Syria, which is and isn’t falling apart, we need to follow and not follow the path we did and didn’t follow in Iraq. That requires a hand grenade, both post-explosion and pre-explosion, and a pregnant woman who has and hasn’t had a pottery baby. We should allow our enemy, the lawyer Russia, who is our friend, to get and not get involved in the non/crisis.

Using (and not using) our Iraq experience, or lack thereof, we mus(n)t continue, or stop, our current path by digging a hole, and filling it in, with the bones of those we saved by being there, as we allowed them all to be killed. We can throw their bones into the hole, which we shouldn’t be digging.

If 2006 has taught us anything, it’s that 2012 is 2006 on steroids, minus steroids, in 2003. I can sum up by saying I stand by and repudiate all my previous statements about Iraq as regards Syria (as regards Iraq). I have NOT taken this acid that is corroding at my soul, but I am tripping balls.

The rest are here.

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