Wes Anderson’s Star Wars Audition Tape

I wanted this to be funnier but in matters of comedy I am not all-powerful.

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9 Responses to Wes Anderson’s Star Wars Audition Tape

  1. pt dismal says:

    here’s some surefire comedy for you, kamper:

    did you hear the one about the couple who were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary when a good fairy appeared to grant each of them a special wish?

  2. pt dismal says:

    the wife wished for a trip around the world, and–POOF!–a pair of airline tickets were in her hand.

    the husband wished for a woman 30 years younger, and–POOF!–he turned 90!

    ha ha ha ha ha ha.


  3. pt dismal says:

    your joke omniscience is impressive, kamper. i will try again,

    three old guys are out walking.

    first old guy: “windy, isn’t it?
    second old guy: “no, it’s thursday!
    third old guy: “me, too. let’s get a beer!”

    ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    i got a million of ’em.


  4. That second joke sucked, pt. A real stinker. Please stop if you have a million more like it.
    In the first joke, by my calculation, the couple got married at 20. That’s a bit unrealistic, don’t you think?
    The second joke works because of the element of surprise; may also be read as a “mistaken command joke,” as “3 wishes jokes” usually are. We think something about a younger women will happen…but we are surprised when the GUY is turned older. That is NOT what kamper explained. No. I was able to deconstruct the joke more successfully (ooo–triple double letters) than he.
    But you know what I like about the first one? It’s got feminist leanings. Fuck that guy.

  5. I don’t think the Wes Anderson Star Wars’ video works at all.

  6. pt dismal says:

    you guys are the deleuze and guattari of comedy, the gilbert and gubar of gags, the wimsatt and beardsley of whimsy. you’re killing me. with laughter….


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