Why Doesn’t MTV Show Music Videos Anymore?

Funny funny and true. Especially when it goes all existential at the end.

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3 Responses to Why Doesn’t MTV Show Music Videos Anymore?

  1. For now the third time, I feel compelled to sourly make the point that MTV was dialing down their music video programming BEFORE I stole 2,000+ songs via the Great God Napster. Before. I personally remember people complaining about it when Napster was just a gleam in Shawn Fanning’s eye.

  2. brianhmoll says:

    I think it’s for the best. YouTube is a much better medium for watching music videos — fewer commercials, more versatility. Although the 90s are a fun time to be nostalgic about. Pac vs Biggie. The Clinton White House and all the hilarious scandals. MP3 players that held like 15 songs and cost 200 dollars. Blockbuster Video…

  3. kamper says:

    Waiting through 10 terrible videos to see something good, it was like growing up with AM radio all over again. Good riddance, though I still miss Aerosmith/Run DMC’s Walk This Way.

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