Pain & Heartbreak, iPhone 5 Style

As a dedicated Apple fanboy, Nick Woodhams dutifully ordered the iPhone 5. But it was only when he showed up at the AT&T store to pick up his life-validating device that things went horribly and irretrievably wrong.:

I was invited into the AT&T store this morning, after a long wait, to purchase my iPhone 5. I avoided looking at the display model iPhones on the way in, and averted my gaze from everyone elses iPhones. I wanted to enrich the experience of opening my own iPhone 5, and make it more special than it already would be. The sales rep retrieved the iPhone I requested…

Then he then proceeded to open the iPhone himself, with his back to me.

My stomach sank. Opening an Apple product is a religious experience. It’s one of the best things about the first day with your shiny new device. He took that from me.


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One Response to Pain & Heartbreak, iPhone 5 Style

  1. Oh cry me a motherfucking river. JEEZ.

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