Maureen McHugh doing AMA at io9 for ‘After the Apocalypse’

Hey all you reader types, my friend Maureen McHugh is answering questions tomorrow at io9 for her new book After the Apocalypse. This book kicked my ass! it’s nine stories all set in one way or another after an apocalypse. Who knew there were so many ways the world could end? Sometimes the end comes quickly, sometimes slowly, but come it does. The AMA is tomorrow, Friday, September 7, at this link, from 12 to 1 PM PST (that’s 3 to 4 PM in normal time). Go ask a question (and be nice about it).

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One Response to Maureen McHugh doing AMA at io9 for ‘After the Apocalypse’

  1. courcachee says:

    Thank you for participating in the io9 book club.
    The collection has been a great read, as others have noted, featuring idiosyncratic/personal stories tied to apocalyptic events, which otherwise tend to flatten out character storylines for some authors.
    Questions (2): Do you feel your involvement in transmedia (such as at No Mimes Media) is affecting the way you write for or think about more traditional formats, such as publishing short stories in book form? Are you working on another novel and might this have a transmedia component?
    Thanks again for participating in the club, and for the compelling collection of stories!

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