Wolverines! (would like to request a modest tax increase)

Here is Lubbock County Judge Tom Head speaking to Fox News about why he needs to raise the tax rate by 1.7 cents the next fiscal year.

Judge Head said he and the county must be prepared for many contingencies, one that he particularly fears, is if President Obama is reelected.

“He’s going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the UN, and what is going to happen when that happens?,” Head asked.

“I’m thinking the worst. Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe. And we’re not just talking a few riots here and demonstrations, we’re talking Lexington, Concord, take up arms and get rid of the guy.

“Now what’s going to happen if we do that, if the public decides to do that? He’s going to send in U.N. troops. I don’t want ’em in Lubbock County. OK. So I’m going to stand in front of their armored personnel carrier and say ‘you’re not coming in here’.

“And the sheriff, I’ve already asked him, I said ‘you gonna back me’ he said, ‘yeah, I’ll back you’. Well, I don’t want a bunch of rookies back there. I want trained, equipped, seasoned veteran officers to back me.”

This created quite the hubbub around the ole media water cooler, and Tom Head only made things worse when he tried to clear things up.

I pray for the president I come in here to this office between 6:30 and 7 every day monday through friday and I pray for him and I pray for our leaders we’re instructed in the word of god to pray for our leaders. God put Barack Obama in office. I don’t know why he did. I wouldn’t have put him in office, but I’m not God. God has his hand on human history and he’s going to raise up leaders and pull them down as he sees fit according to His Will and his purposes, So am I going to go shoot the president? No. I don’t even know that he can be considered a threat, I’m just saying — and I’m surprised that some militia group say in the north central part of the United States or whatever. I’m surprised they haven’t been more vocal against not only Barack Obama but any government official but they’ve been kind of quiet lately I don’t know why.

So a man who is employed by the government is requesting more money from the government to fight the government. Circle jerk complete.

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2 Responses to Wolverines! (would like to request a modest tax increase)

  1. It’s a Jump to Conclusions Mat! See, it has all these conclusions that you can jump to!

    Joke made, I have to say I’m bumfuzzled by these leaps. President Obama = U.N. troops in Lubbock County?

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