The Paul Ryan Workout

Did you know that Paul Ryan is the fittest VP candidate around? Did you know that his workout regimen is based on libertarian principles derived from the works of Ayn Rand?
Zack Parsons at Something Awful has the details.

“Not every man is strong, but every man can be strong through hard work,” explains Ryan. “So long as government is not allowed to encroach on our Second Amendment liberties, you maintain the right to bare arms, legs and an insanely chiseled torso. Get your pump on and sell as many tickets as you want to the gun show.”

Ryan’s belief in self-motivated fitness informs his tax policy to give breaks to the best body fat percentages while canceling expensive government fitness programs like public parks, jungle gyms and sidewalks that might assist those with less than ideal percentages. Put on your headband, turn on your favorite explosive workout playlist and chug a P90X meal replacement shake; it’s time to get that body wrecked the Paul Ryan way.

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