No Jokes About the Coxswain

One member of the US Olympic team was quite happy with his bronze medal. From the looks of things, he was only a few strokes from the gold.

Update: If this Reddit comment is to be believed, the rower himself, Henrik Rummel, has weighed in: “This is me and I swear it’s not erect! I don’t know why it ended up in that position but there you go.”

Which, if that’s its ‘resting’ state then Hello ladies! (or fellers to avoid being heteronormative).

Update 2: He’s already a meme.

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3 Responses to No Jokes About the Coxswain

  1. Er. I’m wavering between exclamation points, laughter, and feeling sorry for the guy that his coxswain is now more important than his BRONZE MEDAL IN THE MUHFUGGIN OLYMPICS.

  2. looks good to me….I love a tightly organized coxswain

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