The Deadliest Blowout

Amherst, MA, the intersection of South Pleasant, Main, and Amity. It’s kind of a wonky intersection because the three streets come together into an amorphous no-man’s land. A kid is running across the intersection. He’s maybe 12. Running full tilt because he’s going the long way and he started late and the light is about to change. About two-thirds of the way across he’s hit with the most feared of summertime disasters: his flip flop blows out! His momentum takes him on for another few steps before he manages to come to a stop and, looking down, he does a cartoon double take at the sight of his now bare foot. Searches around, circles back for the flip flop, examines its broken strap, and then continues on toward the curb, limping and hopping because the asphalt is too damn hot for his bare foot. In his raised left hand he carries the busted flip flop like a ticket for a show he’ll never see.

Funny thing. You always save the busted flip flop even though you know there’s no fixing it.

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3 Responses to The Deadliest Blowout

  1. pt dismal says:

    a new business opportunity for you, kamper:

    flip-flop repair shoppe.


  2. The pedestrian all-cross at that fucked up intersection lasts only 15 seconds. Those fuckers. 15 SECONDS! The Northampton one lasts 30. Amherst, whatcha gonna do?

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