Prometheus: All the Questions

The Internet has erupted into a full-on nerd rage over the plot holes and inconsistencies in Prometheus. To be honest, ever since my own exhaustive rant on this topic last week, I’ve moved on with my life (i.e., I’ve pinned all the hopes and dreams of my sad little life on Moonrise Kingdom, The Master, and The Hobbit), but I would be remiss if I didn’t point you over to David Williams’s full throated defense of the film over at i09.

Prometheus is a monumental tour de force that harkens back to the sweeping sci-fi of the 1970s, an epic that confronts Gauguin’s Big Questions more squarely than anything in recent memory. Scott and writers Spaihts/Lindelof have created an elaborate gameboard, and then devised a narrative that shows us only a small portion of it. This is a movie that rewards repeat viewings. Scott could have just given us a giant bug-hunt, but that’s already been done. Or he could delivered a another version of Mission to Mars in which we meet our benign makers and learn how they created us amidst the sound of much uplifting music and joyous epiphanies.

But instead he gave us something far darker. Somewhere in heaven, something went badly wrong. And our creators decided to destroy their own creation.

Yes, Williams takes the old familiar tack of “this movie to too monumental for your finite little mind to comprehend.” This is not far removed from another old canard, the “these questions are all answered in the graphic novel SLASH deleted scenes SLASH this interview with the director.”

This is utter bullshit. I do not have any problem with films that leave the big questions unanswered. I have a problem with movies in which nothing that happens makes any fucking sense whatsoever. Here is a funny NSFW clip of Red Letter Media addressing some of the movie’s unanswered questions.

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