Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

Twinkly and I were down in Hartford all day, so the only store my two daughters could get to was the gas station. Here was the Father’s Day gift they put together for me. After I opened the bag, Annie asked if she could have half of the Take Five. Vi made the “Dad” sign out of wire she’s using to make an experimental dress.

Here’s the inside of the card:

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3 Responses to Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

  1. Wow, I never even saw the inside of the card. I like the shine on the heart. It’s a shiny heart!
    Did she really ask for half your candy bar?
    I will try harder to be organized next year and I will hope that I don’t have a busted rib by then (or again). But getting the busted rib wasn’t so bad.
    Happy Father’s Day, Kamper! K

  2. I hope I don’t ruin the card by saying I immediately thought the message inside should be appended to include “IF YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR TV AGAIN SEND RANSOM TO…”

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