Epic Oil Fail (Fake, Alas)

This may well be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

From the video tag:
“This was a private send-off for Shell’s arctic rigs (Kulluk and Noble discoverer) at the Seattle Space Needle. The rigs were visible outside the window. Incredibly, there was an obvious malfunction of the model rig that was supposed to pour drinks for guests.”

So to set the scene. Shell rents out the top of the Seattle Space Needle for a swanky party to launch two new Arctic oil rigs. For the party they construct an exact replica of one of the rigs to dispense a beverage or punch of some kind (whatever it is, it’s dark; rum & coke maybe?). And then . . . well, let’s just watch the fun.

The top-rated comment over at Reddit makes me laugh until I cry: “They were able to clean her off with some Dawn dish soap, but it cost $26,000 and she died a week later.”


Update: There are already claims in the comment thread that this video is faked, in which case, best prank ever!

Update 2: Could it be? A real life version of BP Spills Coffee??

Update: Fake! Gawker has the goods.

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