‘Gamer’ Reflexes & Other Dumb Arguments

Someone asked Reddit what is the dumbest thing that anyone ever tried to argue with you about. Here are a few of my favorites:

– Antarctica is not a real place
– The meat we eat is not muscle. It’s meat
– Birds aren’t animals
– Pi has only 75 digits
– Texting while driving is okay if you have “gamer” reflexes
– Welsh is not a language but only a funny accent
– Africa is a country (maybe she was arguing with Todd)
– More people die from playing World of Warcraft than from smoking
– Babies are born with gills and if you throw them in a pool immediately after birth they can breathe underwater
– Exhaust gas propels the car
– British is a language
– A hamburger is not a sandwich (debatable)
– Peanut butter is made from peanuts and butter

And, finally, this:

I had an old man order a pepsi from me and when I asked him what size, he simply screamed, “PEPSI!” So I yelled back in his face, “WHAT SIZE?!” And he got mad and stormed off.

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2 Responses to ‘Gamer’ Reflexes & Other Dumb Arguments

  1. About 20 years ago, I saw two kids get into a fistfight over who’d win a fight between Jason and Freddy Krueger. The kid who thought Jason would win won the fistfight. That was a pretty stupid argument, but it happened before the Jason vs. Freddy movie came out.

    • kamper says:

      According to Wikipedia, jury is still out on who won:

      “Lori picks up Jason’s machete, then shouts “Welcome to my world, Bitch!” then beheads Freddy and throws the machete into the lake as Jason sinks. Lori and Will depart, but the next morning Jason rises from the water, carrying his machete and Freddy’s severed head, which smirks and winks at the audience, and Freddy laughs as the screen cuts to black.”

      I only hope that the two lost souls who came to blows important issue over this have finally made their peace.

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