Your Guide to the Google Moog Synthesizer

By now of course you are probably aware that the Google doodle of the day is a fully functional Moog synthesizer. And if you’re not, what the hell are you doing here? Didn’t you hear me? The Google doogle is a fully functional Moog synthesizer! These things cost thousands of dollars back in the day and now you can have one for free.

Here’s a guide to all the knobs and buttons, courtesy of redditor h_veins:

Explanation of knobs:
Mixer section:

  • Top left – Overall gain/volume
  • Top Right – OSC1 gain
  • Mid Right – OSC2 gain
  • Bottom Right – OSC3 gain

Oscillator Section:

  • Top left – Cut off for top right oscillator
  • Top mid – Pitch (? or maybe a general mod) of top right oscillator
  • Top right – Waveform for the top oscillator
  • Mid left – cut off for mid right oscillator
  • Mid right – waveform for 2nd oscillator
  • Bottom left – cut off for bottom right oscillator
  • Bottom mid – pitch (? or general mod) for bottom right oscilator
  • Bottom right – waveform for 3rd oscillator

Filter Section:

  • Top left – Sounds like general cutoff
  • Mid left – sounds like portamento, or how much the pitch glides between each note played.

Envelope Section:

  • Top – Attack (how long it takes for sound to ramp up)
  • Mid – Decay (how long it takes for sound to ramp down, or the tail if you think of it visually)
  • Bottom – Sustain (the amplitude of the note after its peak when being played)

Now go get your Gary Numan on! To get you started, here’s a right rockin’ hit from way back when.

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