Improv Show Description Generator

Courtesy of Wonder Tonic comes this handy dandy device, which automatically generates a show descriptor for any all types of improv comedy show. I input “edgy” and “Side of Toast” and got the following, which I have already cut-and-pasted into our next press release.

Inspired by the Civil War, Side of Toast brings their signature form to open mics across America, Wednesdays at 12:30am. Weaving together shades of Steve Jobs and what you see riding the bus every day, Side of Toast creates an incredible tapestry of doubts but still with engaging, grounded scenework. Like Salute Your Shorts meets improv, Side of Toast’s unrelenting brand of comedy is sure to leave you floored. Be sure to catch this up-and-coming group Danny Glover calls ‘in-your-face.’

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