Here is a new study showing that conservatives are . . .

. . . skeptical about science. In fact, self-identified conservatives become more suspicious of science the more educated they become.

In the paper, [Gordon] Gauchat calls this a “key finding,” in part because it challenges “the deficit model, which predicts that individuals with higher levels of education will possess greater trust in science, by showing that educated conservatives uniquely experienced the decline in trust.”

To translate: if someone is bound and determined to be as dumb as a post, there ain’t much anyone can do about it.

Skeptical of science? Skeptical of science?

How does that work exactly? Isn’t that like being dubious of gravity?

Muzzy on mathematics?

Ambivalent about architecture?

In fact, wouldn’t it call into question one’s most basic assumptions about reality?

Oh wait.

Gauchat said he sees conservative culture encouraging this skepticism. “If you observe the political landscape these days, conservatives really have their own subculture, complete with ontological claims about what the world is about. It makes sense that an ideology that is manufactured on the level that conservatism is in our culture, would come into conflict with science and other organizations charged with ‘presenting the truth,’ ” he said.

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