Do Not Throw Debris

I happened upon this Statement of Purpose for a Chinese chemical company:

Changfeng residents, all of civilization, morality, common to follow; dedication, discipline, promote healthy, courageous. Pay attention to the health and beautify the area capacity, sputum not Luantu, do not throw debris; waste water, are not allowed to mess pour, spread chaos put the car into chaos stopped.Concerned about the collective, public-spirited, love flowers, cleaning up the environment; respect and love children, equality of the spouses, neighborhood harmony, courteous.Wind shift easily Valley, ban pornography, gambling, thrift, not Gao Mixin; theft, fire, and preserving the peace, to live and work and build a civilization.

As an ethos, I’ve got to say that’s not bad (except for the Santorumesque banning of gambling and porn). And their English skills certainly surpass my Mandarin skills.

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