Ann Romney Gets It

Good for her.

Newt Gingrich may have called it an “inexcusable” thing to say, but Robert De Niro’s joke about America not being “ready for a white First Lady” is drawing laughs from at least one of the women hoping to fill that White House role: Ann Romney.

“I laughed,” Romney said in a Thursday interview on CNN with Piers Morgan. “You know what, I took it for what it was: a joke. And you know, again, we take everything so seriously. We have to be so correct and everyone’s got to apologize, and I can say, you know what, I can laugh at it.”

Geez, man, life is hard enough without inventing insults at every turn.

Speaking of which, here is Newt Gingrich, still sitting, fingers pressed in ears while humming, steadfastly refusing to get it.

Morgan asked, “Isn’t there a slight danger of you being overly pious here? Because I think you knew that he was basically coming out with what I would call a reverse racism joke.” Even Ann Romney said she thought the joke was funny, he said, and went on to ask: “Did you really feel offended by Robert De Niro or was it just a chance to whack a Democrat?”

Gingrich replied: “I really think the use of racism by Democrats is just as bad as the use of racism by Republicans. And I really think it’s wrong to use racial references like that. Period.”

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