Language Keeps Me Locked and Repeating

The maker of that racist anti-Obama bumper sticker just cannot believe that anyone thinks her racist anti-Obama bumper sticker is racist.

“I do find it amazing and entertaining that one of our stickers has become a racist thing,” Ms. Smith told me.

Here is the sticker in question:

Her justification?

“According to the dictionary [the N word] does not mean black. It means a low down, lazy, sorry, low down person. That’s what the N word means.”

Paula Smith then further strains the pile of lukewarm oatmeal she uses for a brain to come up with this gem:

“And besides Obama is not even black. He’s got a mixture of race. It’s his choice of what his nationality is. I’m a mixed breed. I call myself a Heinz 57,” she says, referring to an ancestry that’s part of French, Scottish, and German.

Let’s see if I’ve got this straight. It’s not racist because the word refers to a low down person, and even if it were racist it wouldn’t count because Obama is mixed race. A low down person of mixed race. Hmmm.

The strangest part is that the sticker only makes sense as a piece of racist doggerel; if taken literally, as in “Don’t Renege in 2012!” it would seem to support President Obama’s reelection.

By the way, I love how the Forbes headline refers to the bumper sticker as “controversial.” I think the word the headline-writer was looking for is “assholish.” Mark my words, the use of the N-word* by whites is going to see a resurgence when President Obama is reelected and the collective rage and impotence of wingnuts reaches aneurism levels. Prepare to hear endless iterations of the “Rappers say it, why can’t I?” excuse.

* Aaaaargh! Yes, I know this is a ridiculous ‘solution’ to the profound discomfort this word engenders, but I’ve now written out the word and deleted it no fewer than five times and in the end I just can’t publish it on this blog.

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2 Responses to Language Keeps Me Locked and Repeating

  1. pt dismal says:

    what dictionary is she using? websters? the oed? american heritage? that is one helluva definition.


  2. hey, Kamper, you are pretty smart

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