Peter Weyland’s Ted Talk

He’s a great new bit of viral marketing for Ridley Scott’s new Prometheus project. It’s a TED Talk from 2023 by Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), founder of Weyland Corporation. For those of you who are not Alien geeks, Weyland-Yutani is the omnipresent corporation from that franchise, the owner of the Nostromo from the first film as well as the terraforming operation from the second. (Presumably their merger with Yutani is still down the road.) Ridley Scott has said that the Peter Weyland character is the only real connective tissue between the Alien films and Prometheus, which began life as a straight prequel but since has become a stand-alone universe. This statement seems rather odd, though, since the ship in the Prometheus trailer below (at 0:55) seems to be the same ship the crew finds derelict on LV-426 at the beginning of Alien.

And here is the Prometheus trailer.

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