Oscar Snubs

The days when I saw enough current release films to offer any kind of informed opinion on what was snubbed and what was overrated are long gone (not coincidentally, my oldest turned 16 this month), so I offer the following without necessarily endorsing it. Except perhaps Young Adult. Now that was a nicely written, beautifully acted little film, and I think it got snubbed due to a. lingering Diablo Cody blowback and, b. committing the unforgivable sin of having a main character who is intensely unlikable. As for Hanna, I tried to convince my family to go one day when we were up in Provincetown, but it was starting in, like, five minutes and we weren’t sure if it was too intense for our 13-year-old, so never saw it. On Tintin, I couldn’t talk my kids into going; what’s up with that?! It’s popcorn and candy for two hours, how bad can it be?

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