Disney’s Hall of Inaccurate Presidents

Just to make this an all Disney morning, check out Disney’s Hall of Presidents from an Alternate & More Awesome Universe.

A thoughtful YouTube commenter (an oxymoron, I know) has collected all of their names: 1-George Washington 2-John Arronson 3-Terry Montrose 4-Hudson McElroy 5-Jim Stand 6-Bruce K. Tedesco 7-Jimmy Goose 8-Lucas Krokus 9-Klugman M. Tutts 10-Alan Diamond 11-Tex O’Keefe 12-Nolan Chack 13-Angus W. Crowe 14-Gepetto Corrigan 15-Liam F. Stitches 16-Jackson Graft 17-Houston Van Austin 18-Doug Wopple 19-Jeffrey Ratzenberg 20-Jeffrey Sivakis 21-Jeffrey Dolney 22-Jeffrey Stuckmeyer 23-Geoffrey Sims 24-Gov. Mark Whitford 25-Buddy Knox 26-William Jefferson Clinton 27-Joe Montana 28-Unknown 29-Daniel Flintstock 30-Bernard H. Stuckey 31-Christopher Titus 32-Lipton Quick 33-Jonathan T. President 34-Leo Smoot 35-Steven W. Spooner Jr. 36-Roy Wizard 37-Charlie Angel 38-(throat clearing cough) 39-Liam K. Spuddig 40-Oliver Paltrow 41-Sweeney Patch 42-Gary Question 42-Mark Roof

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