Pizza Boomerang

The most awesome pizza commercial you will ever see. Unless you are a flasher, in which case . . . just watch. It’s still not clear to me (after one solid minute of Googling) whether Pizza Boomerang (Boomerwang?) is a real product or a viral ad for the ad agency or just a complete goof. It’s tough to believe that any company would want their food product associated with genital mutilation.

Pizza Boomerang raises many more questions than it answers, to wit:
1. Why is the muscular man wearing Walter White’s eyeglasses?
2. How does Pizza Boomerang change altitudes mid-flight?
3. How does Pizza Boomerang sever a man’s penis without getting any blood on itself?
4. I assumed that, having established Pizza Boomerang’s lethal efficiency as a cutting tool, the grillman who reached up to catch it mid-flight would suffer the same fate as the dude who tried to catch the Feral Boy’s boomerang in Road Warrior. Is it too much to ask that Pizza Boomerang maintain a consistent set of properties over the course of a single television commercial?
5. Finally, if the muscular man so relishes the delicious cheese, pepper and chorizo taste of Pizza Boomerang, why did he throw it away in the first place?

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4 Responses to Pizza Boomerang

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  2. I have a sixth question that pertains to the guy on the roof: what was that atrocious vest/tie combination all about? No wonder he was contemplating stepping off the edge.

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