Notes from Paisley Underground

For no particular reason, here are three bitchin’ songs from the so-called Paisley Underground that emerged in LA in the early 1980s. In a just and equitable world, all three of these would have been as big as “Billie Jean.”

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4 Responses to Notes from Paisley Underground

  1. pt dismal says:

    i love this shit, thanks, kamper. i wanted to learn this dream syndicate song on the acoustic, but couldn’t figure out the chords (don’t know nothing about power chords on the acoustic….)

    now i’m gonna go look for some green on red. those dudes had the cowpunk thing down.


  2. Never heard of any of this. Thanks for expanding my mind.

    • kamper says:

      Katherine, if you like this kind of sound check out the Days of Wine and Rose by the Dream Syndicate, one of the most over looked albums of the last 30 years. And Steve Wynn from Dream Syndicate is still making great solo albums, especially Static Transmission. Saw them do the song below in Boston a few years ago and it was the most blistering performance I’ve ever seen.

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