Thou Shalt Not Dis ‘The Blind Side’

Did you hear about the great Blind Side dustup of 2011? Last on Christmas night, Scott Tobias of the A/V Club sent out this Tweet:

Explaining to relatives why I hated THE HELP is precisely as awkward as explaining why I hated THE BLIND SIDE.

To which, like, I KNOW! I haven’t seen The Help, but I sat through about half of The Blind Side on an airplane and let me tell you, that thing was insufferable. My daughter, who was 14 at the time, turned to me and said, “Is this movie kinda . . . racist?”

Some hours later, Tobias received a response Tweet from Leigh Anne Tuohy, the actual person played by Sandra Bullock in the movie.

@scott_tobias Dont b a hater But if u must then hate cancer, homelessness, war, poverty, child abuse, animal cruelty but a movie. #sadforyou

To which Tobias responded:

@LeighAnneTuohy Okay, I like the movie more than cancer. And slightly more than homelessness.

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