The Bonnaroo Militia

While acknowledging that my love of all things Charles Pierce officially has entered the ‘kinda creepy’ phase, I really had to post this:

It also means you, Ron Paul. If you’re going to play footsie with the gunz-and-ammo crowd for your entire career, including those elements of the gunz-and-ammo not entirely disposed to sharing the country with people darker and/or more Jewish than they are, then you had to know that, sooner or later, your longtime supporters were going to collide with your newer, younger supporters who like what you say about Iran and the Bill of Rights, and that this collision wasn’t going to make you look like a bold coalition-builder. It was going to make you look like somebody trying to raise a militia at Bonnaroo. So defenses like, “I dunno what went out there under my name” aren’t going to cut it.

Raise a militia at Bonnaroo. Genius.

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