The Answer is 22

When I saw that Althouse had posted about the death of Kim Jong-il I wondered how many comments it would take before one of her more, um, excitable commenters made the observation that America has become just like North Korea ever since the election of a certain Kenyan Muslim Atheist Socialist Usurper.

The answer: 22
The winner: bagoh20.
The comment:

Obama is the closest we ever came to having our own Jong type figure. If it wasn’t for that damned Faux News and talk radio, we could have pulled it off.

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One Response to The Answer is 22

  1. Hermionejh says:

    Wait, I thought the answer is 42? Oh well. I’ve been enjoying your blog and wanted to let you know you are included in my list of Versatile Blogger Award recipients! 🙂

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