Chloë’s Closet

I don’t have strong feelings about Chloë Sevigny one way or the other. I know she got a lot of shit for the Brown Bunny thing, but I think that took a hell of a lot more courage than most people could muster. Seems like she’s always done her own thing and stuck with projects that meant something to her.

I say all this by way of introduction to the two videos below. Now typically the idea of watching a rich girl give a guided tour of her closet (and a closet so large it includes a staircase) would be about the last thing I’d want to sit through, but Ms. Sevigny is so winning, and her enthusiasm for the items she has collected in her life so genuine, that I found both of these videos delightful. And she shows off the bunny ears she made for Gummo, surely one of indie cinema’s most iconic images.

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