A Film for the One-Percenter in All of Us

Over at the Onion A/V, Nathan Rabin takes on Atlas Shrugged: Part I in his ongoing My World of Flops series.

Atlas Shrugged: Part I is a film for the one-percenter in all of us. It’s bold and insane enough to propose that the problem with society isn’t that we reward the folks at the apex of the socioeconomic ladder disproportionately well, but rather that we don’t reward them enough. In the world of Atlas Shrugged: Part I, folks like Steve Jobs are wildly underappreciated by a world that would grind to a stop or descend into madness and anarchy without their ingenuity and creativity. It takes place in an alternate universe where the polarities have been reversed. The rich are now oppressed by the poor. The weak rule the strong. Concern for mankind has somehow curdled into something sinister, and ruthless self-interest has been promoted to the highest moral good.

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