Miss Piggy is a Pinko! (literally)

From the big brains at Fox News. The strangest bit is the discussion of the ‘hungry Muppet’ on Sesame Street, as if the very notion of basic human compassion is somehow anathema to these trolls. And the reason cited for there being no reason to feature a hungry Muppet on Sesame Street is that there are government programs designed to alleviate the problem of childhood hunger, which Fox News no doubt advocates cutting.

Charles Pierce: I do have to admit I found this a bit stunning. Have any of these drones ever watched a Frank Capra movie? Or read any Dickens, or any Steinbeck, or any Mark Twain except Tom Sawyer? Making rich people the mugs in satirical entertainment has been a staple of American popular culture for as long there has been an America to have a popular culture. It didn’t start with the dirty hippies and their tents and Free Love All U Can Fk Buffet down by the river. Interestingly, this satire comes to a particularly sharp point during those times in history when the government most clearly seems to be rigged in favor of unaccountable financial power. Strange how coincidences work, isn’t it?

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