Albert’s Nobb

Last night we saw Alexander Payne’s new one, The Descendants, which is great if you can forgive a meandering pace and an exposition-heavy opening. Anyway, one of the trailers we saw before the movie was for Glenn Close’s Albert Nobbs. Unfortunate title aside, the movie looked like one of the most ridiculous things I’d seen since Mel Gibson put a beaver puppet on his hand, the absolute worst kind of middle-brow Oscar bait. From the first glimpse of Glenn Close in her man-makeup I was thinking, Wait are they kidding with this? Does no one in this movie have eyes? But the audience seemed to be buying it. What say ye?

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3 Responses to Albert’s Nobb

  1. I now know what she looks like: a muppet; not the cute, adorable kind of child you might call a muppet, but a real, Jim Henson-made muppet. You know it, you know it, you know it, oh yeah, I nailed it, I nailed it, I nailed it

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