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Silent H, Deadly H – Episode 7

Here it is, episode 7 of this 12-part web series. In this episode, Dirk and Taos get down to some serious canoodling (which is legal in Massachusetts, of course). But Dirk’s mother Letitia is determined to keep these two little … Continue reading

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Goodbye to a Prince among Cats

This is a story of a tiny tragedy in a world of infinitely worse tragedy. But this tragedy is ours. Our cat was killed by traffic on Thanksgiving eve. We only had her two years but she was the best … Continue reading

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It’s a Black Thing . . . I Guess

Watch as Pat Robertson is baffled by this exotic dish known as Mac n Cheese. Maybe they should just go ahead and call it Black n Cheese. [Props=Wonkette]

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Conservative Version of the ‘The View’ Even Worse Than You Thought

In this week’s episode of I Watched This So You Don’t Have To we have the debut episode of PolitiChicks, which is a new conservative alternative to “those other liberal-based talk shows in which women scream over each other and … Continue reading

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Ask Pepper Spray Cop

Do you need relationship advice? Fashion tips? Home repair and improvement suggestions? Do any of these problems involve the judicious application of pepper spray? Then have I got the advice column for you! Over at Pikescorner, UC Davis Police Lt. … Continue reading

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The Great Pepper Sprays of History

Turns out that UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike has pepper sprayed before! More here. Update: Many, many more here, though most of them are just Pike Photoshopped into random photos. Hey, there’s an ART to this, people.

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Arnold’s Recall

Okay, this is me typing on this keyboard about this clip that is coming up right here, in which somebody somewhere put together the greatest moments from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s commentary track from Total Recall.

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