David Milch to Adapt William Faulkner

David Milch of Deadwood fame* has signed a deal with HBO to develop original movies and potentially television shows based on the work of William Faulkner.

Here are a few possible collaborations:

Absalom, Fucking Absalom!
The Sound and the Cocksucking Fury
As the Cocksuckers Lay Dying
Light in Fucking August, Cocksucker
Go Down, Moses (Because Pussy is Half-Off for the Next 15 Minutes)

* and John From Cincinnati, but the less said about that the better.

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2 Responses to David Milch to Adapt William Faulkner

  1. If I had ever read any Fuckner, I mean, Faulkner, maybe I could add to your fine post. I have seen Milch. I loved Deadwood for a while, but then I just thought Milch was an cocksucking asshole.
    Wait, I got one: A Rose for Fucking Emily. Either like is it a prize you get because you fucked her or like “oh, that fucking Emily. She is such a cocksucker. No really, she gives good head.”

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