Conservative Version of the ‘The View’ Even Worse Than You Thought

In this week’s episode of I Watched This So You Don’t Have To we have the debut episode of PolitiChicks, which is a new conservative alternative to “those other liberal-based talk shows in which women scream over each other and call Conservatives vile names.”

The first question one might ask is why the show is called ‘PolitiChicks’ instead of just ‘PoliChicks.’ Well, the extra syllable is for the extra crazy, since crazy is the one thing you can count on for any show that includes Victoria Jackson on the panel. And, sure enough, twenty seconds into the debut episode, Victoria interrupts the host to play an amusing ditty on her ukelele about how much she hates Muslims, even though the topic is supposed to be gay marriage. The episode goes downhill from there, as the ladies take turns repeating easily debunked urban legends about how the Mooslems are taking over America, pausing only long enough for Victoria Jackson’s stream-of-consciousness ranting, which sounds like Betty Boop reading aloud every chain email you’ve ever received from your favorite wingnut uncle. But don’t try fact-checking these stories at Snopes, because according to Victoria, Snopes is owned by arch-liberal and evil mastermind George Soros (to which, LMGTFY). At one point, one of the women makes the observation that, “All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim,” which might sound dubious to those who remember Oklahoma City or Utoya Island except that she immediately follows that up by saying, “Fact!,” which we all know makes it so.


And here is episode two, which somehow manages to be even worse. In this episode, our four delightfully oblivious hostesses spend ten minutes pondering over the fact that no one except crazy people is talking about the birth certificate anymore.


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3 Responses to Conservative Version of the ‘The View’ Even Worse Than You Thought

  1. I made it all of fifteen seconds through this. Mainly to find out if it was that Victoria Jackson (oh, UHF dreamgirl, where art thou?).

    How the HELL did you watch all of this?

  2. etomczyk says:

    Oh, my God. Tell me this is a joke? What channel is it one? No, no, no, no, no.

    From an x-Evangelical Christian who still “loves herself some Jesus,” but who is not one of THOSE Christians! If you have a moment, check out my humorist story entitled, “Don’t Quote Me–But I Think Jesus is Pissed!” Gotta’ go now and tell others about your blog post. Oh, the horrors!

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