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Can It Really Be This Simple?

Vince Mancini at Filmdrunk examined the movies of Michael Bay, comparing the number of explosions to the movie’s box office. He crunched the numbers and analyzed the data and came up with the following graphic, which explains so much about … Continue reading

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The Fish-Eye View

Dude created a viewing window so his fish could come and look at us for a change. It’s quite serene, actually.

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Classic Design – Vintage Typewriter Ribbon Cases

A large, beautiful collection of photographs of vintage typewriter ribbon cases from Uppercase. The originals are at this Flickr page. Via Signalnoise. I miss the America that produced things like this. All photos by: Uppercaseyyc

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Fox News UK on Occupy LSX

A spot on parody from Don’t Panic Online.

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Internet Time Out

Finally! Now when someone you know uses all caps, forwards a long list of Obama jokes, or persists in using ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re,’ you can put them in an Internet Time Out. I fear I may find myself nose-to-corner … Continue reading

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