The 53%, Progressive Era Edition

Have you read Erick Erickson’s We are the 53%? It’s meant to be a defiant rejoinder to the We Are the 99% slogan of Occupy Wall Street but ends up being a relentlessly Dickensian fail-parade that proves the protestor’s points far more tellingly than anything being shouted through the human megaphone down at Zuccotti Park. Max Udargo had an especially touching open letter to that former marine who was working two jobs without health insurance.

Here is Lawyers, Guns & Money with its own entry:

I work in a plumassier – that’s a fancy word for “sweatshop.” I spend fourteen hours a days willowing ostrich feathers so that rich women can wear attractive hats. Because they want to wear these hats, I am able to HAVE A JOB. I used to make 15 cents an hour, but now there are so many young girls in the business that I only make seven or eight cents. The boss tells us that we will soon be paid only five cents.


Also, my boss will fire or rape me if I complain.


Read the rest here.
Found this great critique of the entire 53% concept at the International Business Times. Two excerpts:

The creators of the blog either do not understand taxation, or they simply do not care. Even the 47 percent of Americans who did not pay federal income taxes in 2009 still paid state, local and payroll taxes — so, saying that only 53 percent of people paid taxes that year is a lie. Even the poorest Americans, those who make an average of $12,500 a year, still pay about 16 percent of their small earnings in taxes, according to Citizens for Tax Justice.

The “We are the 53 percent” blog seems to be full of comments made by people who are part of the very 47 percent of Americans that the blog basically classifies as parasites. Many of the contributors appear to be students, the unemployed or the under-employed, who still end their stories by declaring “I am the 53 percent” even though, by their logic, they are not, if they were also exempted from federal income taxes due to their income bracket.

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