Ten Years of Tenenbaum

If you cut open my veins and let their dark contents spill all over the floor, you won’t see blood — you’ll see Wes Anderson movies. Wait, that didn’t come out right. If you carved open my skull and studied that gray matter under some kind of powerful microscope, you wouldn’t see neurons firing — you would see Wes Anderson movies. Again, not . . . what I’m trying to say here is that I dig the Wes Anderson pictures, right?

So The Royal Tenenbaums came out ten years ago, and the New York Film Festival hosted a shindig that was attended by Wes, Bill, Angelica, and Gwyneth, and they all sat up on stage and said funny, quotable things mostly about how scared they were of Gene Hackman.

“Gene passed for a year and a half. He was sort of forced to do the movie and that was not fair, really. I just kept asking him and bothering him. I just wore him down. I didn’t really have that much access to him, I don’t know how I went about that. Eventually he just kind of caved.”

What caused the change of heart? Murray had at least one idea. “He’s weak. Gene is weak,” the star said to thunderous laughter. “When you challenge someone like Gene, you find his weakness. He’s a great actor and he was great in the movie and all of us here hate Gene Hackman.”

Also, that the original cut was chock full of Beatles songs that had to be taken out when they couldn’t get the rights (despite Gwyneth going bowling with Paul McCartney).

And also that every once in a while it’s important to take a moment to say, “Yes, that movie kicked some ass.”

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2 Responses to Ten Years of Tenenbaum

  1. LOVE that film. I discovered it when my friend gave me the DVD because he said it reminded him too much of his ex who had given it to him. I think if his ex had been half as interesting as the filom, she would still be around!

  2. Maybe worth another look-see, but you know my favorite. I love the Alec Baldwin voice-over. And I knew exactly what you meant in those first sentences, no further explanation needed. Beautiful.

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